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Connecting Businesses to Corporate Procurement Officers

The Supplier Network (SN) is an educational and networking series that prepares small to mid-size businesses (vendor companies) to pursue bids from large companies and government agencies (supporting companies) and build relationships with regional procurement officers.

Learn coveted procurement strategies, network with top purchasing officers and market your company to the Greater Philadelphia region. More than 400 vendor companies from an array of industries have been trained and designated as SN members since 2005, providing them with unique access to dozens of supporting corporations.

Businesses owned by women, minorities and veterans are among the most sought-after by supporting corporations interested in reaching their supplier diversity goals.

Advantages for Vendor Companies
  • Ongoing exposure with regional procurement executives at networking sessions
  • Personal pitch to procurement officers about your product or service
  • Exclusive networking invitations to continue cultivating new business relationships
  • Advanced workshops addressing topics such as certification options, negotiating skills and cold-calling techniques
  • Inclusion in the SN Web site Database accessible to supporting corporations, other vendors, Chamber member companies and the public
  • Special SN vendor designation published in print & online Chamber Membership Directory
  • Recognition for graduates in the Chamber’s online newsletter and other e-communications
For more information or if you have a question please contact Catherine Sontag or (215) 790-3618.